Artificial sweeteners. They’re ARTIFICIAL! Gasp!

I don’t understand why some people seem to think that Truvia / Stevia is Paleo.

Sure, it originated as a (non-organic) plant. Then they steeped it, “purified it”, concentrated all those lovely pesticides down even more and combined it with the sugar alcohol Erithrytol and “natural flavors”.

Even if the above weren’t true, it’s made by Cargill, known for their environmental issues, contamination and human rights abuses. This study into the awesomeness of the product was produced by people working for Cargill and Coca Cola who, of course, are not biased at all. It’s not like they’re going to tell us that in a couple generations it causes god-knows-what because they didn’t test it long enough to find out. But, you know, the track record on refined foods is so good, it’ll be fiiiiiiiine!

I guess as long as you call it “natural”, it’s all good.


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